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Core Advantage=International Cultural Creation Team+Beijing Municipal R&D Institute=Internationally Recognized Cases+Gold-medal Operation Service

Classic Cases by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd.


As an internationally recognized water show company who has done world-class exquisite works, Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has won championship in several international design competition.

Business Scope


Focus on 4D Water Show Theatre, High-end Musical Fountain, Multi-media Light Show, Architecture Light Show, Water Curtain Movie and Water Dance Show

2015 Milan World Expo Fountain (Appreciation)

Water Curtain and Sky (Appreciation)

Culture Design

We use the concept of water dance art to build a high-end musical fountain, treating each water column as a living actor, and using the water performance to create a new model water show theatre of Water Dance Theater cultural experience for the audience.

Water Art Director

With an international creative team, Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has reached strategic partnerships with internationally renowned directors and designers from Israel, France and Russia to create an internationalized cultural and tourism project for customers.

Art Fountain

Whether its a dry spray, or a pool water feature, a flying waterfall, a cascading waterfall, or a water sculpture, etc., we strive to take advantage of the most cutting-edge water feature technology to give you a magical waterscape effect.

Water Dance Performance

The theme of the water show gathers the performance elements of sound, light, electricity, water, fire, shadow, sound, etc. to create a magnificent variety show. We will combine actors, music, dance, stunts, art and other forms of performance according to the requirements of the owners and the site conditions of the project. We will use fountains, water curtains, lasers, lights, fireworks, water mist, projections, and stage machinery to build an infinite wonderful visual feast.

Industry Conformity by Beijing

Water Design Technology Co., Ltd.


Build Water and Art Ecological Circle  Build a Whole-chain Service System from Culture, Performance to Commercial Value

Cooperation Partner


It is said that Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has perfectly combined artistic works with commercial values. In this impetuous era, it gives the public such a real impression of popular art. The waterscape feature work of Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. is not only a landscape, but also provides spiritual and recreational nourishment for people.

Creative Team


As an international team, Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has art designers from top domestic institutions to work fully timely for the water show design.

Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded with The Pointe Water Fountain at Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

On 11th June 2018, in the headquarters of the real estate developer Nakheel in UAE, Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd., the design and construction company of large musical fountain The Pointe Fountain in Palm Jumeirah Dubai, has signed the contract with Nakheel. Seen from this case, Chinese water show design and construction company have begun to emerge in world top cultural tourism project.

Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. finally won the lawsuit of “West Lake Musical Fountain Copyright” case. The original design is the soul of water dance show.

Recently, the first case of copyright infringement disputes in the history of Chinese fountains has been revealed after a year of lawsuits. In May 2017, Peoples Court in Beijing Haidian District has ruled that the West Lake Management Office and Zhongke Hengye Company infringes the copyright of a fountain completed by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. The highly appreciated West Lake Fountain in G20 Summit has copied Qingdao International Horticultural Fountain done by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd.

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