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Core Advantage


Core Advantage=Wonderful Ideas+Technological Advancement+Engineering

                            Quality+International Project Management

Wonderful Ideas
As the only full-time water show creative team in China, it is composed of artists, music designers, choreographers, theater directors, artists, visual effects experts who are doing full-time research in the detailed field of “water show”. The artists are also dedicated in “light and water”, creating a performance that hits the soul.
Technological Advancement
The company has China’s only technical team with provincial R&D institutions with a team of dancers, control experts, electrical experts, fountain fluid experts, and electro-mechanical installation experts, who are dedicated to realize wonderful and bright ideas of “artists”. The core fountain equipment, core dance beauty machinery, lighting equipment and control system are all independent research and development professional technology.
Engineering Quality
We have an experienced water show engineering implementation team composing of 60 staff (ranked first in China). The team has civil construction experts, mechanical installation experts and electrical installation experts. Whether it is commercial space, square dry spray, artificial lake, natural river, sea and other space, we all have successful cases.
International Project Management
The company has an international business team who is familiar with the legal system, engineering standards and business processes of engineering projects in the Middle East, Europe and other regions. In engineering design, electrical operations, transportation operations, construction implementation operations, art operations, after-sales services, etc., we manage as per internationalized operating standards.

Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has created a whole-chain service of culture creation, technology and engineering to control artistic quality and engineering quality in a 100% way. Each work will become a local landmark. All mentioned will constitute the core advantage of Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. finally won the lawsuit of “West Lake Musical Fountain Copyright” case. The original design is the soul of water dance show.

Recently, the first case of copyright infringement disputes in the history of Chinese fountains has been revealed after a year of lawsuits. In May 2017, Peoples Court in Beijing Haidian District has ruled that the West Lake Management Office and Zhongke Hengye Company infringes the copyright of a fountain completed by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. The highly appreciated West Lake Fountain in G20 Summit has copied Qingdao International Horticultural Fountain done by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd.

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