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An International Brand Focusing on Multi-media Water Show

Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. is an internationally branded company dedicating to multimedia water show. Located in Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone of Beijing, it is a multimedia creative company specializing in “light and water” performance. Since its establishment, the company has independently completed 86 original works such as Dubai Palm Jumeirah Water Show, Qingdao World Expo Water Show, Shenzhen Sea World Water Show, and Xi’an Qinhan New City Water Show, etc., 16 of which won the international design competition. Especially in June of 2018, the successful bidding for the Dubai Palm Jumeirah Water Show project has signified that Chinese water show company has officially entered the ranks of competitors in “world-class water show projects”.

Middle East Representative Company:   BWD LANDSCAPING L.L.C


Service areas:

  • Design, Construction and Operation of Urban Landmark Water Feature

  • Design, Construction and Operation of Scenic Zone Water Feature

  • Design, Construction and Operation of Commercial Real Estate

  • Design and Construction of Comprehensive Performance (Theme) Water Show

Over the years, the company has been noted for its world-class creative design and international standard production service. No matter the project is located in a city square, an ecological park, or a theme park or the fountain landscape, Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. has always been working to provide the customers with a perfect and beautiful water feature spectacle with its unparalleled creativity, novel and unique design and exquisite expressiveness.

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Address: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

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