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The project that has won the title of Guinness World’s largest sea fountain, is called The Palm Fountain, which was exclusively designed and constructed by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. The success of the fountain launch, soon made it to the headlines of major international media and press. Moreover, CCTV and Xinhua News Agency has also reported this project as a demonstration and driving project tailored the "The Belt and Road Initiative".

CCTV News: On the 22nd local time, accompanied by amazing fireworks, the musical fountain on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE was officially certified by Guinness as the largest fountain in the world. The
Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Palm Jumeirah is famous for its stunning coastal scenery. It has unveiled the latest landmark, the world  largest music fountain certified by Guinness World Rec
On the evening of October 24, local residents and tourists enjoyed a musical fountain show on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The world’s largest fountain certified by the Guinness World
The Dubai Palm Jumeirah Sea Musical Fountain, designed and built by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd., has passed the official measurement of Guinness Certification Officer and created the world's largest fountain record. The success of Dubai Palm Fountain Project has not only witnessed the great strength and capability for Chinese enterprise to complete the project internationally, but also proves the strong artistic creativity of Chinese companies. After the project is completed and opened, it has contributed another world's top night-tour attraction to Dubai.


Since the successful opening of the Dubai Palm Music Fountain, it has quickly become the venue for large-scale local events: the opening ceremony, The Diwali Festival, the 50th anniversary of Oman’s National Day, the Sony PS5 launch, the UAE National Day and many other events. The performances we have choreographed have achieved unprecedented outcomes and have been well received by the organizers of the event.
Dubai Palm Fountain Launch
Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Oman’s National Day
Sony PS5 Launch
Indian Diwali Festival Celebration
Dubai Palm Fountain Stunning Choreography
A team of 9 artists covers director, dance, music, art and various related majors. The choreograph of each song is programmed by company’s unique VR system and the type of choreography includes Chinese, European, American, Indian and other internationally famous songs, as well as the Arabian local characteristic repertoire.
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The Palm Jumeirah of Dubai has once again become the focus of world attention. Many internationally renowned media, members of the Dubai royal family, Dubai politicians, Guinness certification officers, celebrities from all walks of life, etc. gathered here to witness the other world’s iconic tourist attraction.
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