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Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition musical fountain

    Qingdao World Horticultural Expo Music Fountain is designed and built by the Water Design Co., Ltd. It is the largest musical fountain in China and located in Tianshui Lake, Baiguoshan Forest Park, Licang District. The large water show is one of the landscapes of World Horticultural Expo Central Park. The secret of water show lies in hundreds of fountains in the lake. These fountains are all installed on a 120-meter-long, 90-meter-wide steel structure platform. The platform can flow ups and downs to form a stage for the water show. And it is a combined art of water and technology. Along with exciting or soothing music, water columns will braid various beautiful patterns, which can be up to a maximum of more than 80 meters.

       The landscape fountain is equipped with 776 fountain heads. There are also 20 spitfire devices and more than 3,000 pieces of light equipment. The music played covers the Strauss family, Tchaikovsky’s works and other worldwide famously songs; besides, traditional Chinese classics with strong Chinese characteristics are also included, such as the Butterfly Lovers and the Yellow River. To integrate music of different styles, the designers reanalyze the selected dancing water music, and make proper playing versions according to different period of performances. After that, dance workers will conduct choreography for the water dancing music. In this way, musical dancing and the pumps, inverter, lights, gas explosion and other electromechanical devices system will establish an organic chain of logic, and achieve a totally natural performance effect.

   In the Tianshui Lake where virtual world and reality co-exist and the scenery will differ along with every step you take, a 120-meter-long, 90-meter-wide starry sky and gas film lattice is arranged. It can form a plurality of rhythmic movement arcs. Under the light, the water surface will form numerous ripples, dancing waves, blooming petals, and volcanic eruption and other natural images. Combined with the laser, water curtain projection and other performance devices, this expands the expressive tension of fountain water show.

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