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Sichuan Meishan Music Fountain

Sichuan Meishan Dongpo Island Large-Scale Music Fountain is designed and built by Beijing Water Design Technology Co., Ltd. All the devices of the project are installed in an 8,000-square-meter or so platform which can fluctuate ups and downs (the platform can change and float freely according to the water level changes to protect the effects of lake landscapes). There are thousands of groups of all kinds of device elements and the highest gush can be up to 100 meters. The technical content, artistic content and cultural content of the whole project is second to none throughout the southwest region.

      This project has 2 major design highlights, which are important supporting for the design concept of “Water Dance Theatre”:

      Firstly, in terms of the equipment: or in other words, the main actors of the project, they are the latest patented products of the Water Design, which are respectively the most advanced CNC dancing devices and energy-saving gas explosive devices.   And the CNC dancing device is smart device that we have developed lately and it can realize “water dance personification” more delicately. And the energy-saving gas explosion device can save more than 50% of the energy than other similar domestic projects.

      Secondly, it creates the art creation process of the water show for the first time in China. And every song is created in strict accordance with the rigorous artistic creation process: “artistic theme – music parsing – dance image – water show choreographer – comprehensive debugging”. In this way, it aims to guarantee the artistic level of each “water show”.

    The design concept of Meishan Dongpo Island Large-Scale Music Fountain is essentially different from that of other music fountains in other places of China.   Meishan Dongpo Island large-scale music fountain is exclusively built by the Water Design Company with the waterscape design concept of “Water Dance Theatre”.   Simply speaking, the broad lake is our dance stage, and the core waterscape equipment is the very “dancer”, and the square is our audience seat. Each water column precisely placed under computer control and artistic arrangement to finish the suite dancing and group dancing of water on the water surface and present an exciting and amazing “water show”! Its artistic appeal cannot be reached by traditional music fountains and it can make “soul communication” with audiences, and let them get a more profoundly cultural and artistic pleasure. This is a cultural landscape specially built for Meishan citizens. Meishan Dongpo Island “Water Dance Theater” is a classic project that integrates science, technology and culture into one. It is a cultural center that can make Meishan citizen proud — a small city with a big charm !

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