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Liaoning fushun crescent musical fountain

    Liaoning Fushun Crescent Island Water Show is the Northeast Region’s largest dry spray music fountain. The project covers an area, which is 150-meter long and 50-meter wide. It is consists of music fountain, large projection, laser, and spitfire performances. The project is equipped with a total of more than 800 nozzles, over 1,000 high-power colorful LED lights.

      The spouted water columns have more than 1,000 kinds of changes, which can be said to be worthy of the name of the myriads of changes. Every day, it attracts more than 20,000 citizens to stop and appreciate, which have become the first landscape card.

      Liaoning Fushun Crescent Island Water Show — Liaoning Fushun Crescent Island Comprehensive Water Show is a successful example of urban development of suburbs lands.

     It is the punchline of the Natural Park of Crescent Island. Its completion provides a successful case for urban areas to develop suburbs lands. And it can provide citizens with a high-quality leisure and relaxation place, renovate urban environment and invigorate the lands. It is an organic integration of improving the commercial value of urban lands, enhancing the quality of urban environment and enriching the demands for amateur cultural life of citizens. Since its completion, 5 years has passed. And in every single day, it has attracted and will attract endless tourists.

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