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Shenzhen “sea world ” musical fountain

Shenzhen Sea World panoramic water show is designed and built by the Water Design Co., Ltd, with an investment of RMB 30 million from China Merchants Property. It is Shenzhen’s largest and 360-degree viewing angle open panoramic water show, which is up to a maximum of 50 meters. It is located in the fountain plaza after the Minghua Ship in C Area of the Sea World. There, water columns dance together with laser and fireworks, music and fountain presents a symphony. What a unique visual feast with water and fire, light and shadow!

       In Sea World, the music fountain is built with a total investment of RMB 30 million. It is made by a lasing system with 188 groups of super gas explosion nozzles and lights, which are arranged in an S-shape along the new artificial lake in Sea World Waterscape Plaza. The main body is four big lotus-shaped fountain light rings. The main body is then connected with the long fountain light rail in series, which has a total length of 168 meters and able to throw water columns to a maximum altitude of 50 meters.

      Sea World Large Open Water Show

       With the ups and downs of the music, water type, sound, light and picture change accordingly. Sometimes they mummer in low voice, sometimes they are elegant and smart, and sometimes they are vacated for an outbreak. Due to the precise high-end technology, Sea World is able to present an elegant and beautiful water show. In order to make square tourists see the water show everywhere, China Merchants Property carefully arranges the waterscape along the waterfront in an S-type. Every step you take, you would see different scenery. Thanks to the great momentum of the fountain, the audiences can watch it closely and even from a more remote distance, they can also feel the sense of shock she brings. And more rarely, such a gorgeous and bright water show will open punctually to audiences for free on at 19:00 and 20:00 from Thursday to Sunday, and 19:00 and 20:00, 21:00 from Friday to Saturday. How inclusive, comfortable and elegant the Sea World is!

       Project Contractor: Beijing Water Design Technology Co. Ltd.

       It is known that, “Sea World” music fountain project program is designed and built by Water Design, which is the very winner out of multiple domestic and foreign programs in the International Waterscape Design Competition organized by China Merchant Property Co., Ltd! It is Shenzhen’s largest, 360-degree panoramic view comprehensive water show. The design inspiration of the water show comes from two aspects:

       First is the Pisces spirit and it mainly adopts the projection of the Sea world C Area Pisces construction in the water. Let the real and illusory Pisces respond to each other, which is both realistic and virtual and presents endless changes.

       Second are sea waves. Curves are used to symbolize the voyage route and the circles on both sides symbolizes that the ship is sailing through the waves and winds, and sparking countless waves.

       The main principal of the Water Design introduced to the journalist as below:   

       Sea World “music fountain” project is a project used by the company to make “new standard for music fountain” in the waterscape fountain industry. Compared with other music fountain projects, the most important difference is that Sea World “music fountain” highlights the core of the water show from the very beginning to end——   “dance of water”. Rather, it will not control the shape, height, shape of the water columns ** merely according to the rhythm of the music, melody and pitch. Let the water dance “become the core of the water show”. This sentence also defines the new standard of music fountain: make water dance work together with the sound, light, fog, images and other performance factors to interpret one theme and build an image, along with the development of the theme of music. The precise and high-end technologies are used to present such an elegant and aesthetic water show in the   “Sea World”, stimulating people to meditate, to praise and to surprise pleasantly!

       He also introduced to reporters the science and technology and art contents behind the wonderful “water dance” performance. The Comprehensive Water Dance Creation System they developed is a science and technology project supported by Ministry of Science and Technology. And the system is the core architecture of the whole music fountain, and it is the very product of research and development under the joint efforts of the company, the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hydraulics Laboratory of Tsinghua University, Tianjin Ballet and other units. They completely solved many difficult problems in the music fountain field: the choreography cannot be combined randomly and freely; it is unable to conduct dynamic real-time correction. Meanwhile, he also said that, the equipment based on the company’s independent research and development all has national patent certificate, and the independent development software copyright. And the control system and the “water dance” art creation process have reached the international advanced level. Besides, they are qualified enough to represent China to compete in the international market in waterscape design. With these advantages, the team won frequently in a number of international waterscape design bidding competitions. In the following, the company aims to make “water show” into a cultural industry and art industry to fully participate in the international competition by virtue of “China Smart Manufacturing”.

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