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Fuyang Shuangqingwan Park Multi-media Water Show  

(Original) City Theme Water Show Theatre

The most eye-catching element of Shuangqingwan Water Show is the huge LED screen submerged under water. The 840 sqm huge screen is not only the first case in China, but also a pioneer in the world.

The fountain system, integrated with lighting system and many hidden lazer system, has made the water show more dazzling and fashionable. Large-scale linearray audio system has presented 3D surrounding stereoscopic sound effect. Its audio effect is extreme shocking with Hi-Fi sound quality.

Chinese Name:    Shuangqingwan Water Show, Fuyang City,

                             Anhui Province 

City:                      Fuyang City, Anhui Province     

Contractor:           Beijing Water Design Technology CO., Ltd.

Feature:                Hidden LED Screen (840 sqm)

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